WBZ600 stabilized soil batching plant

WBZ600 stabilized soil batching plant


Astabilized soil mixing plantis a combination of kinds ofmachinesused for mixingstabilized soil, which is used forhighway construction, municipal road projects, and fertileairportareas. Theplantproduces stabilized soil with different gradings in a continuous way. Such a plant usually contains a cementsilo, measuring andconveying system, and mixing devices.

Stabilized soil is a mixture oflime,cement,coal ash,soil,sand, and otheraggregates.


Product parameters

Type WBZ600
Ratedproductivity 600t/H
Totalpower 168KW
Typeofmeasuring Volume
(WeighingAccurary) Aggregate ±3%
Soil ±3%
LimepowderCoalash ±3%
Cement ±2%
Water ±1.5%
Maxmotorpower 75KW
AggregateDiameter ≤±60mm
Areacovered 52×22m2
Totalweight 54t
Modeofspeedregulation Electromagnetic