Precast Concrete Batching Plant

The precast Concrete, also named as a PC component, is a concrete product that is processed in a standardized process in the factory. Compared with cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete can be produced, poured and cured in batches. At the same time, the precast concrete batching plant has the safer construction environment, lower cost, and high quality products; the construction speed can be guaranteed. In addition, it is widely used in transportation, construction, water conservancy and other fields.
Yicheng provides the precast concrete batching plant with maximum productivity of 180 m³/h. It is suitable for the production of PC components of various specifications, including various pipe piles, precast panels, bridges, concrete blocks, etc. At the same time, the precast concrete batching plant adopts automatic system; it has the characteristics of uniform mixing, high productivity and long service life. The automatically modified system can realize real-time monitoring of sandstone moisture content and automatic correction of ingredients. For the production of concrete precast slabs, concrete block production and other small components, Yicheng small precast concrete batching plant loads materials by hopper. In addition, it not only has the advantages of small footprint and high productivity, but can realize full automatic and manual operation.


1. Which type of mixer does the precast concrete batching plant use?

In order to ensure the quality of precast concrete components, it has to use compulsory concrete mixers, such as vertical compulsory mixers or twin-shaft compulsory mixers. Yicheng provides different types of concrete mixers.

2. In precast concrete batching plants, how to transport concrete?

The concrete in the large precast concrete plant transports by concrete mixer truck or the hopper. At the same time, it is necessary to  be cleaned after each transport in order to ensure the quality of the components.

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