Preparation for the construction of plant

1.1How much space does a batching plant needs usually?

The area of single plant is about 1-2 hectares (including subsidiary facilities), and double plant area is about 2 hectares (including subsidiary facilities);Suggestion:width>60m; length>100m. 

1.2  What is the occupied area of Yicheng standard mixing plant?

Batching plant type Structure Structure of aggregate
batching machine
Single plant area Double plant area
HZS60 steel structure Skip hopper 24m*16m /
HZS90 steel structure Belt conveyor 45m*16m 45m*32m
HZS90 steel structure Skip hopper 34m*23m /
HZS120 steel structure Belt conveyor 47m*19.5m 47m*39m
HZS120 steel structure Skip hopper 38m*30m /
HZS180 steel structure Belt conveyor 50m&20m 50m*40m

1>The structure of skip hopper: The width dimension of batching plant including feeding  slope.
2>As for the layout of unusual site, the design scheme shall be designed based on the actual situation of the site.

1.3 What standards should the construction site up to?

  1. Basic site condition are 3 Through, 1 Flat: road, electricity, water supply and flat ground.

  2. Road: It should satisfy 17.5 meters semi-trailer free access. There are no height limits and load limits marking.

  3. Electricity: It has the power supply needed for silo production, single machine 200KVA, double machine 240KVA.

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