The overall layout of batching plant

What are the layout type of cement silo? Which terrain is suitable for each type?

      The standard layout on one side of cement silo is arc layout, and it can also be “L” type layout. It is convenient for the package of both batching plant and cement silo.

What are the general layout of control room?

  1. It can be placed in front of construction as a standard layout. It is convenient to observe car access.
  2. It can be placed behind construction. It will have more space for car access.
  3. It can be placed on one side of construction and cooperate with side car access.
  4. It can remote control, the control room is far away from construction. It can improve comfort level of work environment.

What should we do if the site is small?

  1. Can consider using a skip hopper batching plant;
  2. Can consider use high inclination-angle sidewall belt conveyor. 

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